i|dle1 [ˈaıdl] adj
[: Old English; Origin: idel]
1.) not working or producing anything
≠ ↑busy
I cannot afford to leave the land lying idle .
The whole team stood idle , waiting for the mechanic.
The workers have been idle for the last six months.
2.) not serious, or not done with any definite intention
She was not a woman to make idle threats .
idle chatter/talk/gossip etc
It was only from idle curiosity that she went into the barn.
3.) lazy
Go and wake up that idle brother of yours.
4.) it is idle to do sth
it is not worth doing something, because nothing will be achieved
It would be idle to deny that great progress was made.
5.) the idle rich
rich people who do not have to work
>idleness n [U]
>idly adv
They sat around, chatting idly.
I cannot stand idly by and let him take the blame.
idle 2
idle2 v
if an engine idles, it runs slowly while the vehicle, machine etc is not moving
He flicked a switch and let the boat idle.
2.) [I]
to spend time doing nothing
Sometimes he went for a walk; sometimes he just idled.
3.) [T] [i]AmE
to stop using a factory or stop providing work for your workers, especially temporarily
= ↑shut down
The company has reduced its workforce and indefinitely idled a number of its US plants.
idle away [idle sth<=>away] phr v
to spend time in a relaxed way, doing nothing
They idled their time away in the pub.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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